Quotation for construction of wood materials porous corrugated iron hall, cold corrugated iron ceiling in Hanoi

Tran Ton is an imperative item in most families today. Trần Tôn has been loved by many people and used very popularly. Tran Ton not only resists heat and coolant leaks, but also enhances the looks of your home. However, not any project can install corrugated iron hall. What is Tran Ton? The effect of hall iron like? Join us to find out now! trần tôn xốp

What is Tran Ton?
Tran Ton is a kind of object. Its uses are rain shade providing, sun shade providing, heat protection on or under the roof. Tran Ton is being as used by many people today. Wherever you go, you can see the image of the hall.

However, Tran Ton has inside the and designs. You can choose the type of corrugated iron hall according to your preferences and needs. The price of the corrugated iron hall is not beyond their budget.

There are three main types of corrugated iron hall that are current today: cold corrugated iron hall, wood materials imitation metal hall, and 3 layer corrugated iron hall. Each of these hall types has a unique characteristics and price. Join us to learn about these three types of corrugated iron right now!

Tran Ton cold
The first to bring up in the types of corrugated iron hall is cold corrugated iron. Cold corrugated iron hall is the most commonly used corrugated iron hall today. Many people after using are highly appreciated for the effectiveness that it brings.

Cold iron hall is a form of corrugated iron composed of three main layers. However, it is mostly galvanized steel. Because it is made from galvanized steel, you can be absolutely assured of its strength and durability!

Not in the two layers of cold iron is a high-quality color lined zinc aluminum alloy. This is also the factor that creates a shiny appearance and creates a durable coating for the page. While transporting or installing, if you make scratches or light impacts on the page, it’s okay. This protective film will assist you to prevent scratches and deformations while still maintaining shine.

Cold corrugated iron hall is highly appreciated for its capacity reflect light as well as heat insulating material. A lot of people have changed from empty bricks, tiles or plaster ceilings to use cold corrugated iron.

In terms of its capacity reflect the sun’s rays and optimal heat insulating material, cold page is always at the top of the table. Therefore, it is used a lot in large projects, residential houses or high-rise buildings… This is considered as the perfect choice in terms of effectiveness as well as price.

The first advantage to mention of cold iron hall is the ability to effectively resist heat. It has the best capacity reflect the sun’s rays. Even more efficient than materials such as bricks, plaster… To get such a high effect is thanks to the surface of cold corrugated iron. Its surface is lined with zinc aluminum alloy. So it provides maximum anti-heat effect.

The next advantage is high resistance to oxidation. The cold page is covered with an anti-finger protection. This anti-finger layer works to prevent invading agents that cause oxidation. This layer also helps keep the metal surface shiny, reducing scratches or flaking.

In addition, the price of the cold iron hall is extremely reasonable. The simple and easy way to close the corrugated iron hall makes a significant benefits. Therefore it is designed and used for many different projects.

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