Tran faith based imitation wood grain

Wood imitation corrugated hall is used a lot in interior architectural mastery. Its effect is a lot like that of normal corrugated iron hall. However, the difference here is in the outer image of the corrugated iron.

Wood-imitation corrugated iron hall is also known as wood-grain corrugated iron hall Its external surface is a lot like that of natural wood. If you just consider it, it will be difficult to tell if it is a fake wood image.

The first advantage to mention of wooden imitation corrugated iron hall is that it has very good sound and heat insulating material. For this purpose ability, the wood imitation corrugated iron has an electrostatic coating on the surface. This helps to own maximum sound and heat insulating material performance. trần tôn vân gỗ

Even the wood materials imitation corrugated iron is beneficial against fire and moisture. With a fire the effect of a natural fire, they can withstand up to 2 hours. Very few other materials do.

This is also the reason why many people use wood materials corrugated iron for different purposes. For example, the partition of rooms in the house, cabinets, ceilings… at home and office.

Another benefit for the wood materials imitation corrugated iron is very high looks. They are not only good against heat and sound. They are also used for home decoration. The sweetness is a lot like natural wood without termites, is that great, right?

In addition, the wood materials corrugated iron also has a high durability, a long service life. If you want to replace another corrugated iron material, it can be completely reused. This helps to protect the earth very well. Moreover, the cost to install wood-based corrugated iron is not at all high at all, but easy to clean and clean without worrying about mold.

Three-layer corrugated iron hall : PU : PE
Three-layer roofs has the most outstanding feature. They are more than corrugated iron and PU foam core. The surface is lined with high quality PE plastic. This makes the weight of the 3-ply corrugated iron extremely light with many different styles and colors.

This is considered to be the best type of corrugated iron hall now available. The price is not beyond their budget, but the designs, styles and colors are extremely diverse. Fantastic sound and heat insulating material, high durability.

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