3 Tips For Efficient Domain Registration

If you’re planning to set up a website, you certainly have to undergo the process of selection and domain registration. The phase will go smoothly if you’ve done your homework and learned about some fundamental info about the nature of domains and web addresses. To further help you in decision making, discussed below are 3 tips for efficient domain registration.

1. Secure several domain names

If you want your website to generate a lot of traffic, one of the strategies you can employ is to use multiple domain names, one for the title of your business and the others for the description of your products and services. Note that there are two types of customers-those that remember the brand name and those that remember the product name. By registering several names, you increase the chances of present and prospective customers in typing the address correctly and going to your website.

If you can still afford it, acquire domain names whose spelling is very similar to your original domains. Note that there are many customers who can commit the mistake of misspelling words, if not pressing the wrong keys. When you buy these misspelled domains, you can use them as a tool to redirect the customers to the authentic website. Aside from this you lower the chance of customers in landing on a spam-like page or worse, a porn site.

2. Grab domains when they are taken

Just because your preferred domain name is taken does not mean that you have to surrender and come up with some other name. If you want something, and you’re willing to pay for it, then do so. Join domain marketplace websites that can help you carry out Domain Registration Australia of a pre-owned name. These websites have the access to the contact numbers of the domain owners and can serve as your negotiator. Note that many taken names are very open to negotiation, while some are always available in exchange of a fixed price.

Before grabbing domains however, it is always recommended to examine the name first and make sure that they will be relevant to the website you’re planning to set-up. Gather information about your desired domains including their daily, monthly, and annual traffic, their ownership history, their past and recent content, and their pricing profile. Sometimes, the domains that you want are not for sale but rather placed as lots in auctions. Before aiming to become the highest bidder, ascertain that your offer is really worthy in relation to the domain’s value.

3. Stick to reputable negotiators

The most important among the 3 tips for efficient domain registration is to stick to reputable negotiators. Remember that registration of pre-owned domains is more complex in comparison to brand new ones in as much as you have to make sure that the processes of payment and transfer of ownership will take place safely and securely. In order to guarantee a legitimate closing of sale, it is recommended to hire the domain marketplace as an escrow service provider. This way, you as the buyer will be guaranteed of genuine transfer of ownership while the selling party will secure reception of payment.

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