Getting The Best Deals For Your Dogs

Do you have a large breed dog? Do you find that large dog supplies come with a premium? Larger leads and collars cost more; larger dog beds are more expensive and don’t get me started on food. The large breed food not only costs more but they need to eat more of it so it costs you through the nose. But we love our pooches and want them to have the best large breed supplies we can find.

Our dog is a chocolate Labrador from a working line- not one of the largest dogs by any means but at foods dogs can eat he’s big enough and not fat by any means. He has large breed food so that he has enough glucosamine to support his joints; he has a ramp to get in and out of the car; he has a very comfortable bed (even though he prefers the sofa); his bowls are on stands so he doesn’t have to crouch to eat and then there are all the collars and bling that he likes to wear and toys he likes to play with. All these things are large breed supplies as things for a more moderately sized dog are not appropriate.

So firstly, where do we find the right large dog supplies and once we have found them, how do we get them at the best price?

There are particular shops which specialise in large dog supplies. There are good quality products that are not necessarily available from the high street. Some do more expensive boutique items but why should the toy dogs have all the fun?

If you want to save money on large dog supplies then it is sensible to buy in bulk. Many different retailers will apply an automatic discount if you buy larger quantities. For example dog food is very often cheaper if you buy it in 15kg bags. To make the best of these bulk buy discounts of dog supplies you need to find stores that also do free delivery on orders worth a certain amount or more. So you can often get a double discount by buying in bulk.

We have found that we have saved a considerable amount of money by not buying products from our Vet. We know that we need to treat our dog regularly for fleas and worms and that the recommended products available from the Vet come with a dispensing charge. By shopping around on the internet, taking advantage of incentive and introductory offers and buying in bulk we can achieve a massive discount on exactly the same product.

We often achieve greater discounts by purchasing with friends who are also dog owners. We found an offer on dog beds that are “buy two, get one free” and so I got together with some friends and shared the savings. But you could always sell on the extras on eBay if you don’t have friends who want the same things. You might even make some money!

Another way of saving when purchasing large dog supplies like dietary supplements is to see whether the same products are cheaper when not marketed as animal products. We have achieved a considerable saving by buying green lipped muscle supplement from “human” sites. When combined with the special offers that we are notified of, we have managed to achieve a discount of over 50% on the first price quoted by the Vet for the same quality and dosage product.

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