Sex During Pregnancy

Ok here is a big one… Sex during Pregnancy. Da chicken and da egg. Most of us like sex. Especially me. That’s how we get pregnant. Make sense?

Hormones make us want to have sex and you have plenty of these when you are pregnant. Many of us feel a LOT hornier about now. We also feel a bit guilty and wonder if it can תנוחות סקס בהריון the baby. By the way the penis does not come into contact with the fetus during sex. You baby is safe in the the amniotic sac and protected by strong muscles around the uterus.

So hey, if your pregnancy is a normal one, you can keep doing the bad bad thing right until those waters break.

The second trimester can be the best for sex. The extra blood flow works a bit like Viagra. Guys can be a bit weird about pregnant sex. Some feel uneasy and others like it, well, just a bit too damn much. Perverts!

Should we go all Kama Sutra on you? We could draw kinky diagrams on butchers paper. If you have been a plain-vanilla-missionary type of a girl it might be a good time to experiment. You might try on the side or on top or semi supported or oral. A pregnant girlfriend of mine had her first multiple orgasm the other day.

Some of us arent so lucky. There are conditions that interfere with sex. These can include

recent vaginal bleeding or cramping
preterm labour
placenta praevia, an oddly positioned placenta
incompetent cervix, with a risk of miscarriage or premature delivery
multiple fetuses
But for most of us, just like the sex pistols say, lets see a bit more Anarchy in the UK.

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