Do it Yourself Liquid Bed Liners

Do it yourself liquid bed liners really are a way to spray on bedliner get a professional looking bed liner for just a little money. We recently put a bed liner in an old truck we have. The hard part certainly isn’t putting on the paint. That’s as easy as could be. The hardest part is getting the supplies and the cleaning part. Here’s what you need…

  1. Supplies.

You’ll need the bed liner paint of course. Here’s the trick… A gallon of paint isn’t enough for a full size truck. You’ll need at least 5 quarts. You’ll need a roller for applying the paint. Get a good selection of disposable foam brushes too. Those really come in handy…

  1. Cleaning is key to paint that sticks.

You have to get all the old wax and grease off the bed. That’s not hard. You just need the right cleaner and it wipes right off. Ask for a wax and grease remove at the auto parts store. Acetone is what does the trick. After the wipe down with cleaner, give the bed a good wash down with soap and water, than a good rinse.

  1. Sanding is just rough.

This is one of those times when you just want to scratch the surface. No fine sanding is required, just rough sanding. Use either coarse sandpaper or a coarse abrasive pad.

  1. Keep the paint in the right place.

This paint really sticks. Mask carefully to keep it in the right places. That way clean-up is as simple as just removing the masking material.

  1. Rolling easy…

After the cleaning and sanding, rolling on the paint is as easy as could be. See, the bed liner paint is very think. It contains lots of rubber pieces to give it texture. Since it’s so thick, it just covers all kinds of defects and flaws. That way, it really looks like it was sprayed on by the time it dies. Nobody could tell by looking that it was rolled on instead of sprayed on.

Do it yourself liquid bed liners are a fast way to get truck bed protection cheap. Installing these liners is a simple process. The real key is to get off to the right start with a good cleaning.

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